Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.
Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

I've been a musical person since I was very young. It really started with an old upright piano that my grandparents had, I would spend hours playing it as a kid. Growing up I was surrounded by music, my father is a guitarist and has been doing the bar band gig almost his whole life, and my mother plays the keyboard. It really started for me when I had the option of picking up an instrument for band class in elementary school, I picked the clarinet as my main instrument. Taking to music like a duckling to water, it quickly became very natural for me to read as well as improvise. At home, there were always instruments and amps lining the walls: Guitars, keyboards, drums, Ect. But there was always this one four string bass that never really got touched. When I was 10, I finally decided to pick that bass up. It was an early 80's Mako P bass copy. My dad showed me how to play a few notes and within weeks, it had become my new favorite thing in the world.


Currently, I'm playing in several different projects in Oregon that range widely in musical style, and doing a lot of studio work, cutting my teeth on the local stuff. I was lucky enough to get in with Chris Benavente, of Benavente guitars, since I lived in the same town as him. I am currently the proud owner of 5 of his wonderful basses and am working on my 6th soon. I got turned on to Schroeder Cabinets through Chris, never really being happy with how any of my other rigs sounded, due to just how monstrous the Benavente pre amps and Ulyate pickups are. After trying a few of Chris's Schroeders, I was hooked. So I ordered my dream rig, a 4x10L and a 2x15L, More than enough for any situation. The stack has been nick named my "stationary bulldozer"


Schroeder cabinets, are by far some of the most clear and precise sounding speaker cabinets I have ever heard, and it is always a pleasure dealing with Jorg. The lightweight portability, along with the tremendous power capacity make any gig a cakewalk, and I couldn't be any happier!


Bands: Tina 'n The Mix, GT's Experimentals, Session musician, gun for hire.


YouTube Channel


Gear: Schroeder 4x10L / 2x15L, Benavente basses, Ulyate pickups, Aguilar amplification


Location: Grants Pass, Oregon


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