Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.
Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

Steven Gibson is a Canadian electric fretted and fretless bassplayer. His whole life has been dedicated to Groove and Tone... His Life work.


Music started at the early age of about 4 years old when records were already important and listening to music was becoming obsessive. This helped to shape Steve's journey and where he is today.


Steve started playing bass at 16 years old. He started with guitar much earlier and then drums, but moved onto bass when feeling frustrated with other instruments. Immediately there was a solid connection with the bass. It was meant to be.


The bass reinvented music for Steve. It was a clear path and easy to follow. It was fresh and exciting. Having natural talent and hungry to grow, it was never a challenge to make time to play and practice.


His first recording experience was with a band he started a month after playing bass. 5 months later they went into the studio to record a cassette tape. After playing dozens of shows and in 3 different bands, there was a need to grow aggressively. Where friends had already stopped showing interest and development in their instrument, Steve went into hiding to search out new paths.


Today, Steve's music career is still developing. His hunger for the instrument and the joy of learning and playing shows every time he picks up his bass. In 2014, 1 of 3 studio albums was released, 2nd scheduled for 2016. This project is called Suckerpunch Phyllis.

In 2014 Steve received his first Schroeder Bass Cabinet.


"It is the perfect cabinet, it meets my needs exactly. Tone to die for! My whole life I looked for a light weight small cabinet that Will tear your house down. My cabinet is a 1212L, a 1000 WATT 4 OHM 212 bass cabinet, in custom colors that suits me well".

This cabinet has been out many times with a few different amps and every time outruns any other rig around, even classic famous rigs known for their performance, heritage and durability.


" For my 2nd CD I plan to use my main bass into a DI into a power amp and into this cabinet. I plan to show off the full range of what Jorg and his team have to offer. I will confidently stand on my cab and my bass will sing!"



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