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Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

Felipe Leyton is a teacher and session musician with 15 years of experience, located in Santiago, Chile. Felipe is Bachelor of Music from the University of Science of Education (UMCE) and he also have worked with several bands and soloist artists such Zydra, Mr. Hyde, Inquisición, Angeluz, Emilio Miranda y la Panamericana, Leo Badinella, Prisma X, Nolana, Carolina Molina “La Rancherita”, Patricio Garces (from the famous chilean Tv show “Rojo”), Juan Gabriel Valenzuela (X Factor Chilean version). Since 2012 he’s an endorsement bass player for Spector Bass USA and our new dealer in Latin America “The Cotro Store”.

 “I chose the 101215 BMF because it gives a deep tone and very high definition to get my bass insert into the mix of whatever music what I do. Regarding of their 10, 12 and 15 speakers i can get a very rich variability of frequencies that I could not reach before with other audio systems available on the market. This has been the perfect solution to reduce for my bass rig without less in my tone, it’s performance is amazing and only weighs 25 kg! “

Currently Felipe is working in an upcoming tour called “Union” where he will perform for two of the most famous guitar players in Chile, Gonzalo Sanhueza and Claudio Cordero. In addition to release his first solo album this 2018.


Band: Gonzalo Sanhueza / Solo Artist

Gear: Schroeder 101215BMF

YouTube: FelipeLeytonCabrera


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