Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.
Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

Eddie LeBlanc is a Southeast Texas Bassist, living in Beaumont, that has been playing in the south for 50 plus years. Currently he’s playing with the Stone Cold band doing R&B and Classic Rock and also with a local 70s and 80s hits band called Generations.


After dealing with big cabinets through all the years of folded horns, JBL fifteens and eighteens, Aluminum four ten cabinets, and etc, I finally found Schroeder cabs. I got an early model 12-12 L cab a few years ago, the small one with the corner fold twelve. And sure enough I was sold on the sound. That small cabinet was a welcome addition to the ever evolving bass rig. With such a great sound in a small package, that is almost miraculous,


Recently I added a new Schroeder 12PL cabinet, and couldn’t be more amazed and pleased. The cabinet came in only after a couple of weeks. I can’t believe that small cabinet can deliver such a sound, just by itself. Recently did a small club gig (approx. 350 seat venue) with the new 12 inch cabinet and received nothing but rave comments from the fans and the band members. And that was only one day after receiving the cabinet in the mail, with nothing but a day of break-in time. Best sound I’ve had in that club, ever.


Now I’m doing gigs with the 12-12 L and the 12PL cabinets. I absolutely love them. Light weight, super easy to move, and small footprint on stage. Whether using my Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 head for small clubs or my Demeter HPB1 preamp and the Crown XLS 1500 power amp for larger venues, the sound is incredible, focused and tight. Nothing I’ve ever played through can compare.


I’ve had other musicians and sound techs comment on how precise the sound is, and that they have never heard such a bass rig before. While they have always been interested in my Spector Basses, since they are uncommon in our area (I even have my custom Special Edition Spector NS4 that draws plenty of attention), now they can’t get over the sound and punch of my Schroeder cabinets.


So all I can say is, the Schroder cabs are the bomb, and bring a whole new capability to my sound. After all the years of lugging around large and heavy gear, the Schroder Cabs are a welcome relief to us senior bassists.


Jorg ,“you are the man”. So happy to have you as a friend and fellow bassist giving us an alternative that others haven’t even come close to. The sound of your cabinets is amazing, with either fret-less or fretted basses or even my uprights. And thanks so much for all the personal attention. Keep it Low, my friend.


All the best Amigo,

Eddie LeBlanc – Beaumont, Texas

Bassist: Stone Cold band and Generations


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