Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.
Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

Ken plays is an 80's tribute act, called “She Bop!” from the triad area of North Carolina. His bass playing career expands some 40+years.


“In my pursuit of tone I've come to rely on Roscoe basses and the world class Schroeder 1210 cabinet. I have a few choices when it comes to amps and cabinets. Last night my band mates said, “Bring the Schroeder from now on!” That thing is so efficient and loud, I barely pushed my Quilter 800 watt amp and the sound was round, full and punchy. You know, a sound that could be felt as well as heard.”


Ken uses a 1210PL

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