Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.
Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

Chuck Bailey- Musician and Session Bassist out of Las Vegas


Chuck Bailey, a self taught musician out of Las Vegas Nevada has been playing bass for a little over 15 years both locally and nationally. Chuck found his opportunity for music with SONY BMG in 2007-2008 and went to record an EP with his band Kid Deposit Triumph, a Hardcore and Metal band also out of Las Vegas Nevada with multi Grammy nominated Producer Howard Benson in Studio City California. Chuck's most recent exploits took him to Jamaica on the annual 311 Cruise which was a week long show/tour from Miami to Jamaica with 311, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Chali 2NA, RX Bandits, House of Vibe and Many more. Chuck has also played, toured or shared the stage with Soulfly, Morbid Angel, Ill Nino, Anthrax, Deftones, Protest The Hero, As I Lay Dying, A Day to Remember and many more.


"Schroeder Cabs are so versatile its ridiculous. For Years I used Cabinets the size of Fridges to get the power, tone and air moved with what my 2 12 stack can do. They are built for the gigging bassist in mind and their size does not take away from their power in the slightest. The Tone is consistent at any volume level and it is capable of shaking foundations. Nothing makes me smile more often than when I am playing a venue and the Manager says to turn the House down and the Engineer says "He isnt in Front of House yet." Warm, Rounded and Powerful. These Cabs man... seriously It floors me every time I use them. Only thing better then these cabs is the guy making them!"

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