Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.
Schroeder Cabinets. Hand Built Bass Cabinets.

Doc Nelson is a busy Mid-Western musician that is currently living and working in the Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka Ks. areas. He has been a "Sideman" most of his 40+ year career, working the road with mainly Country Artists and bands. He is known and respected by touring and studio players from Nashville to Austin to California and back.


In addition to doing studio session work; he is currently playing bass guitar with well known Midwestern Artist, Shawn Ward in an acoustic trio. He also doubles on lead guitar and Hammond organ with the classic rock group, "Shawn Ward and Straight Shot." While the bass guitar is his favorite instrument; he gets plenty of time on the Hammond and guitar. He's generally gigging 4 to 6 nights a week, and it rarely lets up.


"I have been using Schroeder cabinets for my bass guitar duties for at least 3 years now, and I also use them for the Hammond. I don't relish the thought of dragging a B3 or a C3 or any 350 lb. PLUS organ around to shows, so I use an old XK1. With a Neo Ventilator and a Schroeder 21012L, the XK1 sounds so real that if you shut your eyes it's really tough to tell the difference.


These Schroeders hold up. My 21012L's are the best sounding and the toughest cabs that I've ever owned or used. I don't have professional stage hands or a tech handling my gear, and these cabinets play in conditions that I never thought that I would experience! I thought there was no equal to them. That was until my friend, Jorg Schroeder approached me about trying a physically smaller but higher wattage cabinet he was designing, that would go L O W. I liked the idea, and decided on a cabinet with 15 and 8 inch Neo drivers with a 200 watt bullet tweeter. It would be smaller and lighter than my 21012L's and Jorg told me that I would love it. How do you argue with that? I said OK, and he went to work. Jorg knew that I would probably use the 815L with one of my 21012L's if I did any more roadwork, so he made the cab just a little larger than he had wanted to initially, to fulfill my wishes that I could stack cabs when I needed to. It's a little narrower front to back, but WOW. Amazingly beautiful sweet clear tone with my passive Fender stuff, and with my active fivers! It has enough punch to work without a microphone in a very loud band....without breaking into a sweat! The very best cabinet(s) that I've ever heard, owned, or played through...anywhere....anytime! I have no reservations about recommending Schroeder Cabinets, or the "Bassist that gives them life" to any player, anywhere! THANK YOU, Jorg!"






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